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Submit your track and I will master a portion of it as a free mastering sample!
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Wondering how your music will sound with Tiny Thunder Audio Online Mastering Service? Why not give it a try? I am confident that once you hear firsthand how your music sounds after being processed at Tiny Thunder Audio Mastering, you’ll want the same treatment for ALL  of your songs!

Send me your fully mixed track and I will master a section of it and email it back to you as a free mastering sample, including a price quote for mastering your full song.


Upload Your Files:

Please complete the form and upload your track. I will email you back with your FULLY MASTERED SAMPLE!
  • Accepted file types: aif, wav, Max. file size: 300 MB.

Stereo WAV & AIFF files only. Mono tracks and mp3’s will be rejected.

You can also upload your audio file using a web transfer service such as, If you choose to share a file via email, please send your file to:


Why is it important to get free mastering samples?

Getting a sample of my services is important because it allows you to gauge my skills before you hire me for a full mastering service. Every audio engineer has their own personality and way of doing things, but we’re also affected by the requests of our clients and how they want us to master their songs in the first place.

When you request a free audio mastering sample, you’ll receive a sample that reflects my personal interpretation of your song. This might be different from how you envisioned your song to sound, or the song might have some glitches and issues that only a trained specialist such as myself could detect. This will help you understand what you could change with the song, how the song could be mastered and how it might sound after being processed by Tiny Thunder Audio Mastering.

In some cases, people don’t actually know what mastering even does to their song. They’re convinced that their song sounds greatly already and that they’re ready to upload their song or make an LP from it. However, they’ve probably only heard the song through their headphones or at-home speakers and haven’t experienced it on a different sound stage. A free audio mastering sample will help you experience first-hand what a professional mastering service could accomplish and how it can lift your song to the next level so that it sounds fantastic regardless of what device you use to play or listen to it.

At the end of the day, a free audio mastering sample will help you understand what it is I do. It’s completely free and it only takes a few steps. Simply scroll down, enter your name, artist name, and email, then upload your song to me and you’ll receive your free audio mastering sample.

How can I prepare my track for the free mastering sample?

I don’t have any strict requirements when it comes to mastering samples, but it’s still a good idea to prepare your audio so that you get the best results even for your free audio mastering sample.

  • Remove any EQ from the track so that you submit a clear and clean audio file that can be worked on.
  • When possible, export your track as an uncompressed WAV file or AIFF only and upload that. (Stereo WAV & AIFF files only. Mono tracks and mp3’s will be rejected.) It’s an industry standard and removes any kind of potential size compression that could affect the quality. 
  • Don’t let your files peak. When requesting a free audio mastering sample, check your audio and see if it peaks in the red. 
  • Lastly, listen to the track before you send it. This will help ensure that there are no anomalies in the track that could affect the free audio mastering sample you’ll receive.

These are just a few small things that can help ensure that your free audio mastering sample will turn out fantastic. It’s not necessary to do all of these things, but it can go a long way especially if you enjoy the sample and would like to purchase a full service.

How do I know if my mix is ready for mastering?

I offer a $50 Mix Consultation – 30 minute meeting with a Pro Mastering Engineer, perfect for anyone that’s new to professional mastering.

If I send my current mix, will you listen to it and provide feedback?

I offer a mix consultation service for anyone that is interested in having their songs reviewed or critiqued before the mixing or mastering stage. Mix consultation has a cost $50 dollars per 30 minutes.

What type of files will I receive?

As soon as your project is completed and approved, I will send a high-resolution MP3 snippet. HD and other formats are delivered once the project has been paid in full and approved. Should you require an additional format, please let me know when you submit your files for mastering.

What is your turnaround time?

For Samples, generally SAME DAY or 1 business day turnaround.

For Orders, Lead time is generally 2 days for a single and 12 days for a 10-song album.

How much headroom should there be?

Mixes should have at least -6 db’s of headroom / An Average of -19 / -16 LUFS. Files that are coming in where the levels are hitting 0 will be rejected.

Should I use bus compression on my mix?
  • If you want to use bus processing on your mixes, that’s fine as long as you’re not adding a whole lot of it (the meters in your compressor should be barely moving).
  • If you do use bus processing, make sure to leave headroom on your final mix. Your overall levels should not hit 0 at any moment.
Should I use a peak limiter on my mix?
  • Please refrain for sending a final mix with peak limiting.
  • You can send an alternate mix with peak limiting as a point of reference of where you want your music to be sonically and dynamically.
  • If you are planning a release on vinyl, please make sure to provide alternate mixes with little or no bus processing at all and without any limiters. This will help the cutting engineer make all the right adjustments to represent your music to highest standards of quality.
I didn’t follow your delivery instructions correctly. Now what?
  • Please make all necessary corrections and re-send your files. 
What type of equipment do you use?

I offer a combination of analog and digital equipment along with analog summing. I have carefully selected all the pieces of outboard equipment in the studio in order to ensure that your work is processed with the finest components. Click here for a complete gear list..

Do you offer different mixing/mastering packages?

No, however, I do offer a discount for mixing or mastering EP’s and LP’s. Make sure to include if your project is an EP or LP in your email so I can provide you with additional information. More rates info here.

What are your rates?

To receive an accurate quote on your project, send me a message through my contact page and make sure to include:

  • Artist name
  • Project name
  • Number of songs
  • Desired delivery date

As soon as that information is received, I will reply via email with an estimate. It is my goal to build long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with all my clients. As such, I am flexible in discussing fees and payment arrangements to meet budgets and needs.

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