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At Tiny Thunder Audio, I provide professional results, state of the art equipment and a personalized customer experience that is second to none.
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 Premium Mastering: $80 dollars per song.

"All included" Service geared towards artists that have firsthand experience with professional mastering and includes:

  • Use of analog/digital equipment.
  • Studio time and setups.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • HD and streaming files as well as a reference MP3 for deliverables.

Standard Mastering: $40 dollars per song. 

This service was created for artists that are new to professional mastering, it is offered exclusively online and is perfect for those clients that want to experience what it’s like working with a professional studio but are not necessarily ready to commit to the premium rate. This service includes:

  • Use of analog/digital equipment.
  • 16/44.1 streaming file
  • One revision. 

Additional Services: 

  • Album Sequencing $100 dollars.
  • DDP files and folder $80 dollars per project.
  • CD version master $30 dollars per song.
  • Vinyl version master $30 dollars per song.
  • Alternate instrumental / radio version master $30 dollars per song. 
  • Stem mastering: $30 dollars per stem.
  • Editing: $80 dollars per hour.
  • Additional revisions for standard mastering: $30 dollars per revision, per song. 
  • Rushed mastering service: $80 dollars per track.

Mix/Master Consultation: $50 dollars per $30 minutes. 

This service is perfect for anyone that is interested in a professional assessment of their material before committing to mastering. Throughout the consultation I will breakdown the elements of your mix and point out which sections stand out, which ones need work and how to properly address all corrections in order to deliver a mix that is perfectly suited for a world class master as a result. Consultations are usually done over the phone or via email.


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