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At Tiny Thunder Audio, I provide professional results, state of the art equipment and a personalized customer experience that is second to none.
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Quick, convenient and accessible, online mastering is the most effective way to get your music mastered and released in a professional manner.


Whether you’re planning an analog or digital release, the process is quite simple. Just upload your files and I’ll take care of the rest. More importantly, I will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you are absolutely thrilled with the end result. It really is that simple!
Why is mastering important? Well, it is the glue that holds the song together. Often overlooked, online mastering is the most crucial part of any recording project, in other words is what makes a record “sound like a record” If you’re serious about your work (and I know you are), you will seek out the right engineer to add the finishing touches to your musical vision. Rest assured, Tiny Thunder Audio is the place to have your project professionally mastered.


Tiny Thunder Audio is a professional audio facility committed to a single creed: sonic perfection. By offering online mastering services exclusively, I am able to work with a wide variety of artists and producers that would otherwise be hindered by budget or location. No matter where you’re based out of, your music should get the time and attention needed to make it sound like a hit record. Learn more about my services by clicking below.


No Frills. No Hype.
Tiny Thunder Audio is equipped with all the tools you need to make a great sounding record.
I’m very proud to use some of the best equipment in the market, as such some of the trusted brands I use include:


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Tiny Thunder Audio - Mastering Services
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Cheline S. Pi
Cheline S. Pi
19:40 27 Oct 20
Serge, is the BEST even though we haven’t met yet, His judgement on my songs and experience in music is the real... deal. I honestly have been through a lot and wanted to just finish the song because it started to feel like a burden, but the High quality and clean added to it made me cry. I’ve never heard myself that well. Everything sounded clean, smooth, and balanced. I’m a very picky person, and nothing to pick out of you Serge. God Bliss and Honor you. Thank youread more
22:16 06 Oct 20
Serge is amazing at his craft and very knowledgeable. Always a wonderful experience working with him. I'm very happy I... chose him to master my album!!!read more
Nick Ugarte
Nick Ugarte
16:01 15 Sep 20
Serge is incredibly responsive and provides great results. I will definitely continue to use their services for all of... my mastering needs!read more
Michael Nesci
Michael Nesci
14:57 14 Sep 20
Amazing results, good communication, speedy and professional mastering, highly recommend!
Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander
18:00 22 Jun 20
Excellent service next day turnaround... very exceptional.
Gordon Root
Gordon Root
23:24 25 Apr 20
Serge at Tiny Thunder Audio does superior work. I am floored by the clarity, separation, definition, and spaciousness... he was able to bring out of my mixes. He's extremely flexible and accommodating, and works hard to make sure the final product is one you're happy with. He takes pride in his work and seems as excited about the masters as you are. Serge gives you several different kinds of masters to use for different purposes: streaming masters (16/44.1), HD masters (24/44.1), and masters specially tailored for CD (also 16/44.1). He is careful and exacting in his work. I cannot recommend Serge and Tiny Thunder Audio more highly! I will be returning to Tiny Thunder Audio in the more
AR Karmethik
AR Karmethik
20:40 02 Apr 20
Tiny Thunder Audio was an amazingly painless experience. The Turnaround for my first single was exceptionally fast. ... The quality of the Mastering service provided is second to none. Top Gear, Knowledge, and Experience in the Mastering Industry. The pricing was excellent and done by a Human rather than an A.I. process offered by most online experiences I have had in the past. I can't speak highly enough and definitely recommend Tiny Thunder Audio for all of your Mastering needs. Serge nailed it on the FIRST pass!read more
Yelena Polyanskaya
Yelena Polyanskaya
18:20 09 Mar 20
Serge was recommended to us by the people at Vintage King. Working with Serge was easy and pleasant. He interacts with... you until the sound is just what you want. And he doesn't stop working with you until you are 100% happy. Very prompt and responsive. Very ethical person, and makes sure your money is well spent. Our stereo mixes were somewhat lifeless. Serge mastered them and gave them a wonderful presence and sparkle. Five stars -- Perfect!read more
Elijah Winnubst
Elijah Winnubst
01:04 14 Feb 20
Sergio was very communicative and did a great job mastering my songs. Will definitely be using Tiny Thunder again in... the future!read more
Loss Cozz
Loss Cozz
16:45 06 Jan 20
Serge did the masters for my Utter Ruckus EP as well as several of my singles. He goes above and beyond he never makes... you feel pressed. He won’t stop until you have your desired outcome. He goes the extra mile with helping me revise and improve in multiple areas and for these reasons I will use him for all of my mastering needs. The value for the money is unbeatable, A $1200 master isn’t going to sound any better. The only reason I put five stars is because I can’t put 10!read more
Will Nealy
Will Nealy
22:16 07 Dec 19
Great Mastering Service. Prompt communication and turnaround, Excellent pricing, and unlimited revisions however the... ears and gear are good enough that you probably won't really need them. A+ will use again and highly more
Adam Loftman
Adam Loftman
23:55 28 Aug 19
Sergio is absolutely incredible—a master of his craft. I’m a repeat customer who has returned to Tiny Thunder Audio... several times for all my mastering needs, and have always been beyond satisfied with the results. Sergio is extremely easy to work with, is ready to meet any adjustments or requests you might have, and has a consistently quick turn-around time. And you can’t beat the prices for such high-quality work! I only ever recommend Tiny Thunder Audio to anyone looking for mastering more
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Here’s a list of the questions I get asked the most, please read on to learn more about how to prepare and deliver your files for mastering

What type of online audio mastering services do you offer?

There are so many online audio mastering platforms through which artists can share their music. Although they all offer the same result (to showcase your music), they often have vastly different requirements for delivery and streaming. In order to make your project sound its best, I will need you to specify what type of release you are planning for your material. If you’re planning a digital release only, your music will be mastered according to the streaming service of your choice (iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc). If you are planning on a physical release such as a CD or Vinyl, I will master your project according to those delivery standards.

Should I use bus compression on my mix?
  • If you want to use bus processing on your mixes, that’s fine as long as you’re not adding a whole lot of it (the meters in your compressor should be barely moving).
  • If you do use bus processing, make sure to leave headroom on your final mix. Your overall levels should not hit 0 at any moment.
Should I use a peak limiter on my mix?
  • Please refrain for sending a final mix with peak limiting.
  • You can send an alternate mix with peak limiting as a point of reference of where you want your music to be sonically and dynamically.
  • If you are planning a release on vinyl, please make sure to provide alternate mixes with little or no bus processing at all and without any limiters. This will help the cutting engineer make all the right adjustments to represent your music to highest standards of quality.
Should I send any reference tracks?

Absolutely! Make sure to include enough material that is similar in genre or style to yours. This will provide a better understanding of the type of sound, dynamics and overall volume you’re going for.

What additional information should I send for my project?

Please provide a list of final song titles / artist name / album name exactly as it should appear on the CD-Text metadata. Additionally, send ISRC and UPC/EAN codes if you want them encoded on the master.

I didn’t follow your delivery instructions correctly. Now what?
  • The quoted flat fee is based on the assumption that files will be delivered to me in the format as described above. Delivery in any other format might result in additional fees. Note that I will not charge fees without contacting you first and receiving authorization to proceed.
  • You can also make all necessary corrections and re-send your files, although that will change the expected delivery date of your project.
What are your rates?

To receive an accurate quote on your project, send me a message through my contact page and make sure to include:

  • Artist name
  • Project name
  • Number of songs
  • Desired delivery date

As soon as that information is received, I will reply via email with an estimate. It is my goal to build long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with all my clients. As such, I am flexible in discussing fees and payment arrangements to meet budgets and needs.

Do you offer different mastering packages?

No, however, I do offer a discount for mastering EP’s and LP’s. Make sure to include if your project is an EP or LP in your email so I can provide you with additional information.

Is there a track count?

Unlike other online services, all my services are provided for a flat fee. There is no track count or limited use of equipment. All the tools at the studio are at your disposal.

If I send my current mix, will you listen to it and provide feedback?

I offer a mix consultation service for anyone that is interested in having their songs reviewed or critiqued before the mixing or mastering stage. Mix consultation has a cost $50 dollars per 30 minutes.

What type of equipment do you use?

I offer a combination of analog and digital equipment along with analog summing. I have carefully selected all the pieces of outboard equipment in the studio in order to ensure that your work is processed with the finest components. In this stage conversion and monitoring are crucial. With that in mind, I use a pair of Barefoot MM27 speakers along with conversion by Mytek and Antelope Audio. The studio also features pieces by Neve, Manley, API, and many more established and respected companies. Click here for a complete gear list.

What type of files will I receive?

As soon as your project is completed and approved, I will send a high-resolution WAV file and an MP3. Should you require an additional format, please let me know when you submit your files for mastering.

What is your turnaround time?

Lead time is generally 2 days for a single and 12 days for a 10-song album.

How many revisions do you offer?

Each song comes with 2 revisions. Additional work after included revisions has a cost of $50 dollars per revision, per song.

Do you offer rushed services?

Yes, I offer rushed services at an additional cost of:

  • 3 DAYS – +10% of your total
  • 2 DAYS – +30% of your total
  • 1 DAY – +50% of your total
What type of payments do you accept?

I gladly accept payment via PayPal or Venmo.

How is payment taken and how are final projects delivered?

Upfront payment is required for all services. Deliverables will be rendered once payment is made and all revisions have been approved by the client.

How Does Online Mastering Help Your Record?

If you want to publish a record, you want it to sound just as good as it does in your recording studio. The version you upload, however, can be dramatically different from the original recording, undermining your creative efforts. 

Online audio mastering services is  the final step required post-production to transform your raw audio into the desired format of your choosing. Online audio mastering services help to balance all of the sonic elements of your audio, ensuring that the version that you release sounds better than your original recording. 

Why Is Online Mastering Is Important In The Digital Era?

The digital media revolution transformed the way people listen to music. Music has become something that listeners now access from CDs, record players, tapes, multiple electronic devices, whether it’s their internet-connected radio, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

People who want to distribute their music, therefore, need to do more than create physical records. They also need to ensure that their music is compatible with the listening devices that people use today. 

One of the best ways to think about online audio mastering services is as a kind of glue that holds playback quality together across a range of devices and music formats. It ensures that the quality of your recordings don’t suffer just because they are not adapted to a particular digital platform.

How Does Online Audio Mastering Differ From Mixing?

While both online audio mastering and mixing both involve the handling and production of music, there is an essential difference between the two. 

Mixing refers to the process of getting the individual elements of a song working together. So, for instance, a mixer might decide that a particular beat doesn’t work with a melody and replace it with something else. Mixing, therefore, is all about making sure that all of the components of a track make musical sense. 

Online mastering, however, provides the finishing touches to a track. It’s not about making changes to the sound itself, but ensuring that the sound carries through to the end-user in the way that the artist intended.